Kari Lee Leather

is home of unique, handcrafted wearable art with global and music inspiration.

I specialize in leather jewelry with an eclectic blend of bohemian, chic, hippy, make-a-statement, rocker indulgence. 

In 1994, I discovered the art of leathercraft. Even with no prior leatherwork experience, I began creating kit designs, projects for idea sheets and creating marketing materials for a major leather manufacturer/wholesaler in the craft industry. My work has been in magazines and on television numerous times on everything from local to national networks. At trade shows I taught classes for designers wanting to learn the art of creating and working with leather. Over the years, I found that I had a passion for experimenting with leather techniques while using many products previously not combined with leather.

My award-winning book, “Gorgeous Leather Crafts: 30 Projects to Stamp, Stencil, Weave & Tool” was published in 2002. Later that year, the book won the prestigious 12th annual Crafts and Craftrends TM Award of Excellence.



Design & Music Inspiration


In 2004 I changed course to raise a family and work outside of the craft and leather industry. The itch to create with leather never left. However, I felt an urge to change directions in my leatherwork. I had always wanted to create jewelry that had a unique one-of-kind style and narrative. Blending my love for bohemian chic fashion and my everlasting admiration for many genres of music, I endeavored into the world of leathercraft once again. It was a fitting combination of my inspiration and creative endeavors for designing a KLL jewelry collection. In 2012 I finally decided to officially start my brand Kari Lee Leather.  


I believe leather jewelry should be created using quality materials, unique style, and design. All KLL jewelry is designed and assembled exclusively by me, with every detail at heart. Each piece of jewelry starts with a musical inspiration (artist, albums, or a song). I follow that inspiration in sketches, my selection of leather, and the combination of bead and jewelry components to be used. 

I have a deep appreciation of all art forms and craftsmanship. I find that collaborating with talented artisans who create colorful and unique focal pieces, beads, and/or antique amulets provides the perfect components for my designs. 

My musical inspiration for each design is imperative to me and is noted with each piece of jewelry.